Product Certification Center

Regardless of the origin of the products, they must be placed on the European Union market in line with the requirements of the harmonised laws in effect.

The authorized (notified) bodies of the Community shall carry out the tasks relating to conformity assessment procedures as outlined by the effective laws and have been officially approved for rendering conformity assessment procedures by a national accreditation authority.

Authorized bodies take on public interest responsibility and must thus be held responsible to the national competent authorities and are able to freely offer their conformity assessment services in the context of their domains. They may carry out this activity in the territory of another Community Member State or a third country and must act in a competent, transparent, unbiased, independent and impartial manner.

They must have at their disposal the required personnel who have sufficient and appropriate knowledge and experience to conduct conformity assessment under the Union laws, to take appropriate measures to guarantee that the confidentiality of the data obtained during conformity assessment is respected, and to take appropriate measures to ensure that the outcomes and other information are not transmitted to the other party, except to the supervisory authorities upon a substantiated request of the latter.


The authorized bodies shall have appropriate insurance covering their conformity assessment activities. The scope and total financial value of liability insurance should be proportionate to the risk level that the activities of an authority concerned may entail.

The main mission of the Notified European body is to provide conformity assessment services in line with the terms specified in a relevant governing Union law. They have the right to assess how the basic requirements are complied with and to grant instruments facilitating appropriate compliance with those requirements.

“International Center for Quality Certification-ICQC” LTD, an authorized (notified) European body 2549, performs works relating to conformity assessment of products of mechanical engineering industry, electrical engineering industry and designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Product Certification Center