A broad range of products, threats and effects that overlap and complement each other are covered by harmonized European Union regulations. The general rule is that a product can fall under several legislative acts (directives) and can only be placed on the market or put into operation if it is in compliance with all applicable standards and if that product has been assessed for compliance with all applicable Union requirements and CE marked.

The European authorities concerned shall perform tasks related to the conformity assessment procedures laid down in the current EU technical harmonisation legal frame.

SIA “International Center for Quality Certification - ICQC”, being an authorized (notified) agency dealing with conformity assessment, is accredited at the national level and notified on the European level, assuming responsibility in its area of competence and offering conformity assessment in the context of Directives 2006/42/EU (machinery), 2014/30/EU (electromagnetic compatibility), 2014/34/EU (equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres), with the right to issue the EU Certificates of Conformity.

We also operate across other member states of the European Union or third countries, including the CIS.

We perform our functions in a competent, non-discriminatory, transparent, independent and impartial manner.

We have the professional staff at our disposal who have sufficient and adequate knowledge and experience as may be required to carry out conformity assessment under Union laws. We are responsible for all our activities and keep detailed records of the suitability of all employees who operate in certain areas our notification extends to.

We ensure that all information obtained during the conformity assessment is kept confidential and take steps as may be appropriate to ensure that the assessment outcomes and other information are not shared with the other party. Subject to confidentiality requirements that must be met by the authorities in the discharge of their duties, information to be shared with other authorities may not be classified as confidential commercial product information on matters relating to negative conformity assessment results.

We are insured against third-party harm, and the monetary cost of the policy correlates to risk levels.